Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Big Belly: solar powered trash compactor

Meet BigBelly , a very cool solar powered trash compaction unit. It looks like ordinary trash cans, but can hold up to 4 to 6 times as much trash as ordinary units and is highly flexible and can be placed almost anywhere, reducing waste collection and energy costs. The cost per-unit at $4,000, but cost savings occur from less frequent collection.

The Big Belly is the brainchild of Jim Poss, a self-described gadget-lover from Needham, Mass. Poss was working on making electric cars when inspiration struck.

"The idea hit me probably about six years ago, when I was walking down a busy street in Boston," he says, "and I noticed that all the garbage cans were overflowing with mounds of garbage. And it just hit me that there's a better way."

In addition to the unsightly mess, Poss says he was also inspired by the diesel-devouring garbage trucks used to collect the trash: "They are the least efficient vehicles on the road…and they idle about 70 percent of the time.

BigBelly can be seen in some of these locations, Fenway Park , Boston's Faneuil Hall, Baltimore Inner Harbor, The Alamo in San Antonio Texas, Chicago Millennium Park, Harvard University and Walden Pond.


  1. hey pragya..yeah... have been thinking of something like this since our systems project... !!

  2. I always wondered, in the restrooms if someone can just compact the paper towels used, probably a single bag would suffice for entire day. Usually at least 4 times a day service is required and mostly they change the bag itself.
    I guess marrying this blog post idea to restrooms would save a lot!