Monday, April 6, 2009

Closing The Loop

A new report from the Green Electronics Council (GEC), "Closing the loop: Product Design to Enhance Reuse/Recycling Value,” identifies several research priorities to increase the cost effectiveness and resource efficiency of e-scrap recycling.

Electronics recyclers and refurbishers are recommending several key changes to manufacturers on how they design electronic products and the information they need to improve processing of used devices.

They point to several key changes to enhance end-of-life (EOL) value recovery and process efficiency, including enhanced communications tools, product design for greater durability and reuse, eliminating hazardous substances, and improvements in materials separation through design.

The report also recommends the development of a “Close the Loop Registry” — a Web-based centralized access point for product information about the attributes of particular products such as the location and number of screws and fasteners, location of hazardous substances, and information on identification and separation of plastics. This searchable database will help EOL managers more effectively and efficiently breakdown and recycle products without delays, according to the report.

Design for End of Life Final Report 090208

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