Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another cool product - Conserve Cleaning Tablets

Baumgarten's Conserve has launched a new line of household cleaners sold in tablet form. It requires 75 percent less packaging and reduces the impact of shipping because the products have 85 percent less “water weight.”
Consumers purchase one bottle and a four-pack of tablets, and the tablets dissolve in water when ready to use. The available products include a glass cleaner, multi-surface, bathroom and odor eliminator.

By shipping cleaners without water, Conserve is able to save 7.5 pounds per bottle. By only including one bottle in a package that provides four uses, Conserve can also ship more cleaners in a single load.

The cleaners themselves only use ingredients approved by the EPA’s “Designed for the Environment” program.

Conserve claims that its products also save money, costing 40 percent less than the national brands of cleaners.

We are able to achieve these cost-savings for consumers because our products have eliminated the heaviest ingredient in household cleaners: water,” says David Baumgarten, vice president of Baumgartens. “Conventional cleaner equivalents would require eight trucks versus just one for ours, not to mention all the equipment, time and energy needed to load and unload those trucks.”

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