Thursday, December 4, 2008

What is Concern Economy?

Lets begin from the basic.

Concern means - Care, anxiety, solicitude, interest, engage, regard, affect, worry, bother.

Economy means - Wealth, (financial) resources; financial system, financial management.

Thus, the Concern Economy is a realm where economic activities like buying, selling, manufacturing, consuming are all driven by very specific concerns. These concerns are more than profit maximization.Corporate Social Responsibility embraces this concept partially but as an after thought.

The Concern Economy is fundamentally based on welfare and sustenance of natural resources, animals and humans. (which I believe should be called the real triple bottom line.)

The embracing of Green movement by all of us bears testimony to fact that concerns that regular people like you and me feel have potential to become substantial parts of the economy.

People all over are talking about global warming, our carbon footprints, imbalances in our ecosystem, fair labor, buying choices and good living. To a large extent we are merely talking. But I see a bunch of people going ahead and walking the talk.

In my dissertation I have discussed a some of these individuals and their efforts. Needless to say the success lies in the silent participants who buy the concern products.

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