Wednesday, February 18, 2009

7 Steps Towards Sustainable Purchasing.

As society demands more transparency and responsible behavior from the business sector, many companies are taking action to improve their competitive advantage by embracing Sustainable Business Practices as a core business strategy.

The following 9 point guideline gives a basic idea of things that need to be looked at when thinking of Sustainable Business Practices.

1. Energy conservation and efficiency
2. Energy efficient equipment & lighting replacements
3. Water conservation and water purity
4. Improving indoor air quality
5. Creating a toxic-free workplace
6. Recycling and waste reduction strategies
7. Sustainable purchasing strategies, including electricity from renewable sources
8. Sustainable travel and transportation options
9. Tax credits, rebates and other financial incentives

One of the things that has a major impact is Sustainable Purchasing. The next three slides talk about 7 things that a business can do to purchase sustainably.

7 Steps Towards Suatainable Purchasing

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