Thursday, February 5, 2009

The World keeps getting better

Built in obsolescence in every thing around me is trying my patience. How many of you out there remember when a toaster lasted 20 years, a kettle 30? How did we manage to go from 30 to 3?

Its pretty commonsensical that longer lifespans for stuff would mean a huge reduction to world-wide landfills, not to mention a reduction of manufacturing emissions and the valuable materials, energy and effort that go into manufacturing them.

So discovering Hand-Me-Downs a range of jackets and bags that have been designed specifically to last 10 or more years from a UK clothing brand Howies is super news!!

Discarded clothing problem is what Hand-me-downs are designed to solve.

By using high quality components like
rust-proof aluminum zips & hardware and organic tweed and ventile (an extremely tightly woven cotton fabric that's inherently water-resistant and uses 30 percent more yarn than conventional fabrics) they make very sturdy bags and jackets that have an extended life. Calling the product hand-me-down clearly drives the message of donating once your own use is over.

A great idea to learn from and emulate in other products as well.

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