Monday, February 2, 2009

Purchasing in the Concern Economy

Concern Economy is a way of looking at the world that recognizes that a thriving & healthy world is standing on three pillars - a strong economy, a healthy environment and social well-being. It means that we make sure that the choices we make are not only economically wise but also environmentally and socially responsible.

A lot of the decisions that we make are through every day purchasing. What to buy, from were, how much are the kinds of decisions that a business or a household makes everyday. Cost and quality are important factors but there are other things too worth considering for a positive impact on the business and society.

We begin by looking at what products are made of, where they come from, how they were made and how they will be disposed. It is also imperative to consider whether a purchase needs to be made at all.

The basic idea behind Concern Purchasing is to shift purchasing dollars away from goods that negatively impact the society and environment to those that are more environmentally sound and socially beneficial.

But the fundamental question remains.
What are the benefits, both qualitative and quantitative?

Saving money (conserving resources like energy, fuel, water)and local development seem to be the most obvious ones. Employee moral and retention, enhanced brand image, compliance (environmental, health, safety regulations) and risk avoidance, competitive advantage are the other reasons to switch to Concerned Purchasing.

And of course by doing all this you are helping to preserve the earth and its resources for your children and their children's children.

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