Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Disneyland Powers Steam Trains With Recycled Cooking Oil

As part of its ongoing commitment to the environment, Disneyland Resort announced that it has begun using recycled cooking oil to power its Disneyland Railroad steam trains.

The oil used to cook French Fries and other foods is processed to power the Disneyland Railroad and Mark Twain Riverboat. This move allows the Resort to save approximately 200,000 gallons of petroleum diesel per year.

"These initiatives demonstrate Disneyland Resort's ongoing commitment to balancing environmental stewardship throughout our operations," said Michael O'Grattan, senior vice president of resort operations. "These are just a few steps in our ongoing journey to reduce Disneyland Resort's environmental footprint."

All major businesses are increasingly showing concern with reducing their footprints, and it gives me hope that the future will see more clean technologies, less dependence on non renewable resources and a cleaner environment.

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